Justin's Portfolio

My grade 8 computers portfolio

PowerPoint Microsoft Word Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop HTML

Our class used Adobe Illustrator to create many things.

I made Pokémon silhouettes using the curvature tool on Adobe Illustrator.

We got to make a project near the end of this quarter to add to our portfolio. I made pixel art of aliens from Space Invaders.

I also made pixel art of the generation 1 starter Pokémon.

In this project we made potraits of a person of our choice using the curvature tool. I made a potrait of Boichi or Mu-jik Park.

Our class had to make an isometric thing of our choice in Adobe Illustrator.
I chose to make an isometric city with houses, cars, and building.

This is our first Adobe Illustrator project, It was my first time using the curvature tool.

We had a project to make logos of our names. Here are the logos I made.